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At RBC EUROPE we look beyond borders and limits to identify and offer tailor-made solution for our clients. The international automotive industry is a dynamic and challenging space.

RBC EUROPE is focused on guiding our clients thru the processes of this industry and international supplier management.

We support suppliers worldwide in building connections, in the field of communication and in the cooperation, as well as the collaboration with the biggest and most important European automotive manufacturers and major system suppliers. Our location near Stuttgart, Germany, in the center of Europe, provides us with best accessibility throughout Europe.

We stand with our clients throughout the whole process with personal and direct consulting skills. From the initial start-up interaction with potential customers, through the acquisition and project phases, to preparing for manufacturing and into final distribution of the products. Along this entire chain we advise, support and train with the goal of a successful execution as our mission.

Benefit from our Know-How, our international experience in North America, Asia and Europe, as well as our excellent contacts of over 25 years of successful Supplier Management.
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