Fitting services for a maximum of success

At rbc europe we have dedicated ourselfes to looking beyond borders and limits to identify and execute a tailor made solution for you.
During this endeavour we greatly look forward to any challenges suppliers and manufacturers welcome us with.

rbc europe is mainly concentrating on the processes occuring within international supplier management. Here we support suppliers worldwide in building connections, in the field of communication and in the cooperation, as well as the collaboration with the biggest and most important european automotive manufacturers. Our convenient location near Stuttgart, Germany, in the center of Europe, provides us with the best possibilities for acting quick and flexible to any upcoming tasks. We stand aside our clients throughout the whole process with personal and direct consulting skills from preparing for manufacturing to the final distribution of the products.


We mainly focus our services and expertise on:

- local representation

- project management

- quality management

- logistics management

- production management


Benefit from our Know-How, our international experience in North America, Asia and Europe, as well as our excellent contacts of over 25 years of successfull Suppliers Management. Clients all over the world, including the USA, India and China already take advantage.